Sunday, May 24, 2009

cà phê đen nong

Hot black sweet coffee dripping through the coursely ground robusta beans. The relentless whurr of hundreds of mopeds ticking past at breakneck speed as the ebony splashes to the bottom of the glass. Sweetened with condensed milk, fresh milk being no match for the stifling heat of Viet Nam. Wandering through the night markets, haggling over filters, having fun trying to pronounce the name of the stout metal 'hat' that acts as a gravity filter (cà phê phin), carrying the coffee home to enjoy with Mr9BR. Being back in my little kitchen in Dublin, half a world away from the old quarter of Ha Noi.

These are a few of my favourite things.

Vietnamese Coffee
Ingredients and Equipment
One Vietnamese Phin
Cup for coffee (I like to use a glass to watch the swirl of the coffee as it brews)
Bowl large enough to hold the cup while the coffee brews
Piping hot water
Coffee, coursely ground (the phin can be bought here also)
Condensed milk (heat processed with sugar)

Place glass into bowl of hot water. The entire process takes about five minutes and the coffee with cool quickly.
Pour one to two tablespoons of condensed milk in bottom of glass.
Place one tablespoon of coffee into the phin. I like to dampen the coffee prior to this, as it prevents burning the grounds.
Fill the phin a quarter full of hot water. It should take 15 seconds to drip through, if it is speedier, the phin needs to be tightened. Then fill the phin to the top and let it drip through.
Stir to combine and add ice if desired.


Roisin said...

Yum yum yum!! :)

Daniel said...

Thanks for teaching me a new way to make coffee! I'm always on the hunt for as many ways to get caffeine into my bloodstream as I can find. Thank you for sharing.

Casual Kitchen

'NEEN at 9 BEAN ROW said...

I thought of something. You could use a tea bag strainer lined with a coffee filter to stimulate the slow drip.

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