Saturday, May 9, 2009

Going off (Like a rocket!)

Salad leaves gone wild (without the PGR warning)
Over a month ago Mr 9BR and I went on a planting bonanza. To keep company the strawberry, rhubarb and redcurrent growing at a feverish pace in our tiny garden, we planted:

Potatoes-Kerr's Pink and Maris Piper
Late Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Butterhead Lettuce

Beets in a bucket.

The rocket and spinach are now having a sprout off, and the beetroot is catching up. The potatoes are also growing at a steady pace: I am growing them in bags, repurposed from the seemingly endless charity clothes collections and topping up with compost as they grow clear of the soil. The butterhead lettuces and the coriander are not responding as well, I think the soil may have too high a clay content for them.

Coriander 17.4.09 - sadly less of a planting tag, more of a tombstone.

I have the utmost admiration for this fellow Dubliner, who grows all variety of produce on his 8 sq m balcony. He gives great advice for the space restricted and not alike. We are fortunate to have great growing space in our little garden. There are some former raised beds, currently covered with unruly grass which I would like to put back into commission, but that may have to wait, and so Mr 9BR can look forward to his weekly skirmish with the lawnmower for the time being.
Coriander which has been growing reluctantly on the kitchen sill.

Post script: I returned yesterday from two weeks away and am delighted to see that the garden is looking edible and unneglected. The rain and humidity seems to be spurring the plants on. The butterheads and coriander remain unenthused.

Dig for Victory: Kerrs pink in a charity collection bag.

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