Sunday, May 31, 2009

The heart is a bloom (It's a beautiful day)

Such an amazingly beautiful weekend in Dublin. The sky seems so high, and our tiny garden is saturated with searing light, great for my freckles, not so great for my poor spinach which seems to be suffering heatstroke!

I am dragging my hungover self out the door on a spontaneous road trip to the midlands for icy drinks and great company, leaving behind the fabulous Maritime Festival on the Docks and Bloom, both of which are in amazing form this year, having briefly looked in on both.

Have finally solved the puzzle of the mystery trees in our garden. Plums and Apples. Can't wait for them to ripen.
(Thanks U2 for the post title. Proper post on Ha Noi soon)

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Anonymous said...

Plum and apple crumble on the way soon then?

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